ATTDX Antioxidant LiverCleansing Patch


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ATTDX Antioxidant LiverCleansing Patch
ATTDX Antioxidant LiverCleansing Patch

ATTDX Antioxidant LiverCleansing Patch, developed by Dr. Adam Williams’s research team, creatively utilizes Transdermal Delivery and nanometer medicine carrier technology to ensure efficient absorption of NAC by the human body. This results in effective liver repair, restoration of normal function, and improved detoxification ability within four weeks. Eliminates excess liver fat and stimulates regeneration of liver cells.

ATTDX Antioxidant LiverCleansing Patch was a milestone in my research career. I’m so proud our team has created a fantastic way to bring liver health back to more people

NXN® Intense Antioxidant Liver Cleanse Detox & Repair Burst Beads Patch adopts microcapsule technology to concentrate the active ingredients in microcapsules, and after the capsule is broken and pasted on the body surface, it uses targeted transdermal delivery technology (drug-stratum corneum – dermis – capillaries – internal circulation), acting on the liver, promoting liver detoxification and regeneration of liver tissue. Compared with common oral medicines, it has the advantages of targeting, high action concentration and high absorption efficiency.


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