Blusoms™ Japanese Hallux Corrector


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Blusoms™ Japanese Hallux Corrector
Blusoms™ Japanese Hallux Corrector

Blusoms™ Japanese Hallux Corrector is an excellent non-surgical solution that effectively restores the toes to their natural alignment and treats bunion deformity with gentle care. It features an innovative flexible knob that allows for precise adjustment based on the level of correction and required pressure. This makes it suitable for individuals with moderate foot issues as well as those dealing with severe valgus conditions. 

HVA (Hallux Valgus angle) is a precise measurement employed to evaluate the extent and seriousness of the abnormal alignment of the toe. Blusoms™ Japanese Hallux Corrector is designed to adapt to varying degrees of bunion severity, catering to individuals with Mild (10°), Moderate (10°-20°), Large (20°-40°), and Severe (>40°) conditions.

Blusoms™ Japanese Hallux Corrector is designed not only to address bunions but also to help correct bowed legs. By providing gentle yet effective support and alignment to the feet and legs, this corrector gradually encourages the correction of the leg alignment, reducing the appearance of bowed legs over time.


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