CoreMax™ IONS Sweat Detox Compression Vest


CoreMax™ IONS Sweat Detox Compression Vest
CoreMax™ IONS Sweat Detox Compression Vest

How does CoreMax™ IONS Sweat Detox Compression Vest works?

Increase your sweating five times! increases thermal temperature and calorie burn to tone the core in order to enhance weight reduction results. With the help of this compression vest, you can shape and minimize your waist and abdomen, acquire a strong core, and get truly awesome abs by inducing sweating in the lower back and abdominal region, accelerating the belly fat burning process, and helping you lose water weight.

The tight abdominal straps with large velcro may quickly control your stomach and mold you. More calories are burnt and more sweat is produced with the help of double compression and strong 360°tummy control to tighten and contour the waist and abdomen.

CoreMax™ IONS Sweat Detox Compression Vest helps lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis and blood clots while also accelerating blood flow and increasing oxygen supply to particular muscle regions. Decreases swelling brought on by an accumulation of lymph fluid (lymphoedema). The lymph veins are able to move the trapped lymph fluid more easily because of the pressure. Additionally, the compression vest provides additional resistance for the muscles to work against. This facilitates the fluid’s removal from the location.


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