Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager


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Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager
Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager

The Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager is an ideal product for slimming and cleansing the body. It can quickly help remove inflammation and circulatory obstructions. You can use It anytime, anywhere to loss weight.

Graphene is 100% carbon element and produces 100% far infrared rays when it generates heat. The pure graphene heating film in Dreamate™ is produced from a single layer of graphene, and the far infrared generated is purer.  Graphene has been dubbed a “wonder material” that will revolutionize the future. As such it’s no surprise in 2010, Prof Andre Geim and Prof Kostya Novoselov earned the Nobel prize award in physics for their work with graphene.

  • With high-quality mugwort essence paste, max penetration: Graphene heating can make the effect of mugwort leaf paste deep to skin, fully absorbed, and spread to whole body.
  • FPC conducts heat to stretch and relax meridians: The heat of FPC is transmitted to the metal surface and the moxa patch. When used with the moxa patch, the ingredients of the moxa patch can fully penetrate into the deep layer of the skin! So as to promote blood circulation and expel toxins.


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