Earex™ Anti Cochlear Blockage Removal Spray


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Earex™ Anti Cochlear Blockage Removal Spray
Earex™ Anti Cochlear Blockage Removal Spray

The Earex™ Anti Cochlear Blockage Removal Spray is a solution that works to soften and release earwax so that it may be removed more easily. This earwax removal sprays also have a sprayer tip that is meant to help transport the solution straight into the ear canal.

GFOUK™ Anti Cochlear Blockage Removal Spray formulated to be a thin, watery liquid that can be easily sprayed into the ear canal. They are designed to help soften and break down earwax, making it easier to remove from the ear.

What makes Earex™ Anti Cochlear Blockage Removal Spray Special?

  •  ✓ Dissolve and flush out build up ear wax
  • ✓ prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of infection
  • ✓ Gentle and safe on the ear canal
  • ✓ Easy to use and can be applied quickly and easily with a simple spray
  • ✓ Effectively remove excess earwax buildup and restore hearing
  • ✓ Penetrates and soothes target area


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