flysmus™ BrowBliss Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting Kit


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flysmus™ BrowBliss Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting Kit
flysmus™ BrowBliss Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting Kit

Achieving flawless eyebrows has never been easier with the flysmus™ BrowBliss Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting Kit. Our kit offers a choice of 3 exquisite colours meticulously designed to complement your hair and skin tone, ensuring a seamless, naturally defined brow. This easy-to-use eyebrow dye cream is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra definition to their brows without having to spend hours applying makeup. Save time and money with this user-friendly solution and enjoy salon-quality results at home!

Thoughtfully crafted with your safety and natural beauty in mind, our flysmus™ BrowBliss Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting Kit uses the formula that lies in the ancient secret of Henna. With its origins deeply rooted in plant-based wonders, it provides your eyebrows with rich reddish-brown or luxurious burgundy tints. This natural plant dye not only adorns your brows with captivating colour but also gentle and organic essence.

The BrowBliss Semi-Permanent uses ground-breaking long-lasting dye technology to make your brows stand out, not just for weeks but for months. This technology enhances the durability of the colour on your eyebrows, creating vibrant, well-defined brows that endure the test of time. By bolstering the stability of the pigment used in our tinting product, we ensure that the colour remains consistently intense. You can enjoy the allure of beautifully tinted eyebrows for a remarkable 5 to 6 months with this ultimate solution at home. The Tinting Kit presents a trio of meticulously crafted colours that harmonize effortlessly with your unique hair and skin tone. This thoughtfully curated selection ensures a naturally defined and flawless brow, seamlessly enhancing your look.


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