GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence


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GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence
GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence

Our GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence comes strongly endorsed by dental experts due to its exceptional cleaning efficacy. It serves as a potent defender against cavities, proficiently dislodges plaque, eradicates unpleasant breath, and swiftly establishes a shield of protection for gum health.

Dr. Lucas Mitchell, who teaches at the University College London School of Dentistry, and his team have been working on issues in the field of dentistry, and led the team to participate in the design of GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence. In a one-month clinical trial of the product, results showed that the serum reduced the amount of plaque by almost 30%.

The GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence, with its proprietary blend of hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and strawberry extract, offers an outstanding oral care serum. This innovative formula synergizes these elements to effectively serve oral patients. GFOUK™️ PureSmile Essence goes beyond the norm, presenting a meticulously calibrated formulation that addresses the diverse needs for a confident smile and a healthier oral environment.


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