GFOUK™ Health Control Bracelet


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GFOUK™ Health Control Bracelet
GFOUK™ Health Control Bracelet

How does GFOUK™ Health Control Bracelet Works?

GFOUK™ Health Control Bracelet with Ultrasonic Therapy is also suitable for decreasing blood sugar levels. Simply by stimulating your pancreas to produce more insulin. To help in the metabolism of the food and liquids you consume and to stop the over-absorption of sugar.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive therapy that breaks down fat cells using low-frequency ultrasound vibrations. An ultrasonic device is put on the skin during the treatment, and the high-frequency pulses penetrate the skin, creating microscopic bubbles or cavities within the fat cells. The pressure created by the bubbles has the potential to induce fat cells to break and release their contents.

GFOUK™ Health Control Bracelet employs a cutting-edge Japanese medical equipment. This bracelet is completely magnetized by 55mT at 10-mm pitches in the North-South Polarity Orientation. This permits the ultrasonic microwaves from the whole arm loop to diffuse across a large surface, improving blood circulation, metabolism, and energy.


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