GFOUK™ RevitaLine SnakeVenom Peptide Eye Cream


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GFOUK™ RevitaLine SnakeVenom Peptide Eye Cream
GFOUK™ RevitaLine SnakeVenom Peptide Eye Cream

Snake venom peptides used in GFOUK™ RevitaLine SnakeVenom Peptide Eye Cream is not directly sourced from snakes. It involves advanced biotechnological processes, replicating the effects of the natural peptides found in snake venom for paralyzing and relaxing eyes muscles, leading to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on eyes by inhibiting muscle contractions.

Snake venom peptides also assist in boosting collagen production, which in turn stimulates and enhances the collagen levels in the eye area. This leads to improved skin firmness around the eyes, a reduction in wrinkles, and the elimination of drooping eyelids and entropion.

Why is GFOUK™ RevitaLine SnakeVenom Peptide Eye Cream an Excellent Option?

  • ✅ Dermatologist tested in revitalizing aging eyes
  • ✅ Regulate and relax eye muscles for fewer lines
  • ✅ Rapidly reduce expression and fine lines
  • ✅ Boost Skin Plumpness through Collagen Production
  • ✅ Eliminate sagging, promoting vibrancy
  • ✅ Feature kojic acid & caffeine to address puffiness & under-eye circles
  • ✅ Promote overall health of the eyes
  • ✅ Complete eye care in one cream


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