GFOUK™ SwellGuard Self-Heating Lymphatic Sleeves


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GFOUK™ SwellGuard Self-Heating Lymphatic Sleeves
GFOUK™ SwellGuard Self-Heating Lymphatic Sleeves

The GFOUK™ SwellGuard Self-Heating Lymphatic Sleeves are designed to target over 2,800 reflexology points on your feet, promoting enhanced blood flow and relaxation. Incorporating the technology of infrared heating and absinthe therapy, these innovative sleeves provide multi-directional foot massage and acupressure stimulation, working in harmony with your body’s natural energy pathways. By engaging these reflexology points, it encourages enhanced circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluids, which can alleviate issues like varicose veins and swelling of the foot.

The v offer a unique therapeutic approach by infusing them with tourmaline. Tourmaline is adept at generating negative ions and converting heat energy into far-infrared radiation. The far infrared rays can penetrate human subcutaneous tissue to a depth of up to 16mm. This profound penetration means that the rays can effectively reach deep muscle tissue, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments, exerting a transformative influence.

What Make GFOUK™ SwellGuard Self-Heating Lymphatic Sleeves The Great Choice

  • ✅ Alleviates Varicose Veins
  • ✅ Relieve Swelling and Muscle Tightening
  • ✅ Promote a Soothing Self-Warming Effect
  • ✅ Accelerate Metabolism of Blood & Cell Tissues
  • ✅ Activate Enzymes
  • ✅ Resolve Blood Flow Blockages
  • ✅ 360° Heating Capabilities
  •  Breathable & High Elasticity


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