GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam


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GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam
GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam

How does GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam Works?

GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam is a product designed to help remove tartar buildup on teeth. It works to soften the tartar, making it easier to scrape away with a toothbrush or dental tool. In addition to removing tartar, GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam can also help to whiten teeth and freshen breath, making it an all-in-one oral care solution.  GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam has a light and airy consistency, similar to that of shaving cream. The foam is easy to apply and spreads evenly over the teeth, making it easy to target hard-to-reach areas where tartar can accumulate.

What makes GFOUK™ Tartar Removal Foam Special?

  •  ✓ Dissolve and flush out tartar build up
  • ✓ Penetrate small spaces between teeth and along the gum line
  • ✓ Foam consistency may also allow for a more thorough clean than traditional toothpaste
  • ✓ Easy to use and can be applied quickly and easily with a simple spray
  • ✓ Unique and safe formula
  • ✓ Help improve oral hygiene


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