Greenworks™ Universal Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer


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Greenworks™ Universal Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer
Greenworks™ Universal Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer

The Greenworks™ Universal Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer provides essential nutrients to plants for several months. This organic slow-release fertilizer releases nutrients gradually, providing regular feeding for your plants and soil. Once the tablet is placed in the soil, it will naturally decompose and continuously release the nutrients needed by the plants. The slow-release formula improves soil health, which in turn promotes healthy plant growth.

This organic SRF fertilizer delivers a balanced nutrient solution so your plants can grow and thrive. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium proportions are in equal proportions and quantities, providing balanced fertilization that can enhance soil structure and moisture retention.

Using the Greenworks™ Universal Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer delivers benefits for seed starting and new plantings. This fertilizer releases nutrients at a slow rate, allowing the plants to grow at a more uniform rate and develop stronger root systems. This slow-release formula strengthens plant roots and makes them more equipped to handle stress, diseases, and pest pressures, as well as prevents fertilizer “burn”.

Our slow-release organic fertilizer is suitable for many common plants, including vegetables, fruits, shrubs, turf, trees, and ornamental plants. The Greenworks™ Universal Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer is made from natural materials and is free from synthetic chemicals, making it safe for the environment. Since it releases nutrients in a measured manner, it prevents nutrient leaching and keeps the soil in a healthy condition. This type of fertilizer gradually releases nutrients over time, so it’s applied less often compared to commercial or fast-release options.


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