LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve


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LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve
LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve

How Does LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve Works?

It stimulates over 2,800 reflex zones on your feet. The LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve generates infrared magnetic therapy and moxibustion without the need for any other power source, such as electricity. This electric stone knee wrap provides multi-directional leg massage and stimulation, combined with specially designed high-stretch ice silk fibers to soothe the skin while reducing pressure. It helps effectively stimulate blood and lymph circulation in the body, alleviates varicose veins, and reduces fluid retention and adipose tissue. LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve!

Studies have shown that the ice silk knee sleeve is highly effective in alleviating knee pain and inflammation. The LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve can generate heat without the need for an external power source. According to the New York Medical Journal, the simplest, safest, and most effective method for treating most diseases is to raise the internal vascular temperature through infrared therapy. Heating the body causes blood vessels to dilate, thereby enhancing overall circulation and oxygen delivery. Afterwards, the use of ice silk helps lower the surface temperature of the body to achieve a soothing effect.

Research has shown that magnets increase amino acid production and positively affect the entire body. Magnets speed up metabolism and help the body function properly. They help oxygen and nutrients reach the site of the injury as quickly as possible to repair the damage caused. LuckySong® Tourmaline Ice Silk Knee Sleeve release magnetic waves from nerve endings in the feet that are connected to the entire body.


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