MyoPah™ Herbal Nearsightedness Eye Patch


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MyoPah™ Herbal Nearsightedness Eye Patch
MyoPah™ Herbal Nearsightedness Eye Patch

MyoPah™ Herbal Nearsightedness Eye Patch eye patch is a revolutionary product that has been developed through years of research and collaboration between Starmood International and Columbia University. The patch is made from a variety of natural plants that are known for their beneficial effects on eye health, including saffron, ginkgo leaves, lavender, and mugwort leaf.

In addition to the natural ingredients, MyoPah™ Herbal Nearsightedness Eye Patch also utilizes modern bioengineering technology to enhance its effectiveness. The patch is designed to quickly restore vision and improve eye symptoms by promoting healthy blood flow to the eyes.

MyoPah™ eye patches for nearsightedness contain four herbal plants: saffron, ginkgo biloba leaves, lavender, and mugwort. Each herb has beneficial effects on eye health, but they work differently. Saffron and mugwort promote microcirculation in the eyes, alleviate eye fatigue and discomfort, while ginkgo biloba leaves protect the retina and improve eyesight. Lavender eases eye fatigue and swelling, enhancing visual acuity.


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