Orgadeco™ Cataracts Glaucoma Lubricating Eye Drops


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Orgadeco™ Cataracts Glaucoma Lubricating Eye Drops
Orgadeco™ Cataracts Glaucoma Lubricating Eye Drops

Orgadeco™ Cataracts Glaucoma Lubricating Eye Drops work?

Orgadeco™ Cataracts Glaucoma Lubricating Eye Drops primarily works by shrinking the pupil to the optimal size needed for focusing on objects up close, explained Dr. Y. Ralph Chu, CEO of the Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington, MD, and one of the main individuals responsible for FDA approval of the drops.

EYELIGHT™ is by far the first and only FDA-approved eye drops for the treatment of age-related vision loss. When the EYELIGHT™ eye drops enter your eyes, they can temporarily shrink the pupil and help improve the eyes’ ability to focus up close while maintaining clear distance vision. EYELIGHT™ uses a patented technology that allows the eye drops to quickly adapt to the natural pH of the tear film, making their application convenient and comfortable.


Use the eye drops 2 times a day for a recommended period of 3-4 weeks.What makes EYELIGHT™ eye drops your best choice?

  1. For eye care.
  2. For symptoms of various eye diseases.
  3. To improve and heal the symptoms of eye redness, dry eyes, glaucoma, presbyopia, cataracts, and increased intraocular pressure.
  4. For the prevention of eye diseases.
  5. To address the effects of eye diseases.
  6. To make your eyes look brighter.



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