Royalprestige™ Men’s Adult Topical Spray


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Royalprestige™ Men's Adult Topical Spray
Royalprestige™ Men’s Adult Topical Spray

Congratulations to our team for teaming up with AbbVie California Research Center to bring this (ED) spray to men, say goodbye to your old self and let our Royalprestige™ Men’s Adult Topical Spray accompany you on your path to success and become the brightest star you can be! 99.93% of our customers who have used this product will buy it again and recommend it to others. Why don’t you take action?

Our Pueraria Mirifica ingredient reduces sensitivity for 1-3 hours for better irritation control. It makes you stronger. Wild Pueraria Mirifica is the main ingredient in the delay spray

Directions for use:

  • PREPARATION: Make sure your skin is dry and clean before applying Delay Spray. If possible, shower or engage in cleansing sex to ensure dry skin.
  • SHAKE WELL: Shake the spray bottle well before use to ensure the ingredients in the spray are evenly mixed.
  • Spray: Apply the spray to the head and upper part of the genitals or follow the instructions on the product leaflet. Avoid spraying the urethra.
  • Massage: After spraying, gently massage the genitals to help the medication to be better absorbed. Royalprestige™ Men’s Adult Topical Spray!


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