RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence


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RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence
RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence

Treat your nails the safe and natural way with the RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence! Formulated with plant extracts that naturally repair damaged or infected nails, making them glossy and healthy again!

The RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence contains a combination of natural remedies that can be used topically and are helpful in reducing the symptoms of onychomycosis or nail fungus, such as discoloration, thickening, and brittleness. Research shows that ginger extract and tea tree oil both have antifungal properties that help prevent fungi growth and even treat common nail infections. These naturally-derived ingredients combined with Undecylenic acid make this nail essence a powerful treatment and nail strengthener. I highly recommend this product for those with mild to severe nail fungus who want to avoid taking oral medications. This is an effective at-home treatment.

Bacterial nail infections can be quite painful and bothersome if left untreated. To take preventative measures or repair brittle, damaged, or already infected nails, regularly applying the RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence is the way to go. Adding the RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence to your nail care routine provides sterilisation on the infected toenail or fingernail. It prevents nail deterioration by getting rid of the dirt and germs which can contribute to the spread of infection.

Moreover, this nail repair essence is formulated to deeply heal the damage, eliminate the infecting fungal organism, and restore the normal appearance and optimal health of the nail. By infusing nutrients into the infected nail, this treatment manages the symptoms of bacterial nail infection until a healthy and glossy nail has regrown. On top of promoting strong and healthy nail regrowth, RxCARE™ Ginger Nail Treatment Essence also acts as a nail strengthener. The formula creates a protective barrier for nails, making them resilient and less prone to breakage, brittleness, discoloration, and other symptoms of infection.


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