SkinMedica™ BlueLight Skin Spot Remover


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SkinMedica™ BlueLight Skin Spot Remover
SkinMedica™ BlueLight Skin Spot Remover

During the Blue Light Therapy procedure, a series of intense light will be emitted over the affected area. As the light is targeted over the affected areas, tiny capillaries and any pigmented surfaces on the skin will be absorbed or evaporated as they are heated. This SkinMedica™ BlueLight Skin Spot Remover can help get rid of unwanted freckles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation.

The energy that is emitted from the light is able to create micropores within the capillaries which cause them to shrink. The special type of light that is used for Blue Light Therapy is different from other laser treatments as it emits light over many wavelengths. This allows for the light to reach the deepest layers of the skin, the dermis layers.

When it reaches the dermis layers, it gives the cells a boost that stimulates a response from the body to use the light. Therefore, giving a boost to the rejuvenation process through increased blood flow, collagen stimulation, detoxification process, and much more.


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