SonoPro™ Tinnitus Ear Laser Therapy Earplug


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SonoPro™ Tinnitus Ear Laser Therapy Earplug
SonoPro™ Tinnitus Ear Laser Therapy Earplug

That’s what you want to feel when your head is full of noise, and that’s exactly what you’ll feel with SonoPro™ Tinnitus Ear Laser Therapy Earplug, an innovative new product that can help you stop hearing ringing in your ears—and start hearing what you’ve been missing!

Our tinnitus treatment is completely non-invasive, which means it’s safe for anyone of any age. In fact, even kids can use our tinnitus earplugs! And since it’s not invasive, there’s no downtime: once you’ve worn them for a week straight, you’re done—you’ll never have to wear them again.With its 650nm, 5mW wavelength, low level laser therapy causes no discomfort, has no side effects, and does not harm the delicate ear.

Our tinnitus treatment involves a patented process called photobiostimulation, which uses light energy to treat tinnitus in the cochlea (the part of our ears responsible for hearing). Equipped with a semiconductor ear canal laser irradiation head to enhance brain waves and local blood circulation, and radioactively treat the blood vessels inside the ear.


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