Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra


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Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra
Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra

Elevate your confidence and redefine your silhouette with the Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra. Ignite your body’s true potential as you sculpt your curves to perfection, enhance your figure, and define your waistline like never before.

Introducing the Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra, a revolutionary solution to a common dilemma many individuals face when it comes to their undergarments. This groundbreaking shaping bra not only offers superior support and comfort but also incorporates cutting-edge ION technology to assist in weight loss and lymphatic drainage. Say goodbye to the trade-off between shaping and comfort, as the Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra is here to redefine your lingerie experience while helping you achieve your wellness goals.

The Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra is constructed from a blend of cotton and nylon, infused with graphene and tourmaline to enhance blood circulation and firm the skin. Our bodies are composed of electrical energy, which flows through a network of meridians connected to specific organs and systems. Energy Field Therapy, utilized by this innovative bra, clears blockages in these meridians, promoting a balanced and complete energy flow, activating over 800 reflex points in the upper extremities area.

ION therapy can also enhance blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and collagen production, as noted by New York Medicine. The Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra generates infrared ion therapy, helping the body burn excess fat and achieve weight loss goals. Additionally, it accelerates metabolism, resulting in increased calorie burn. Svelte™ ION Silk Shaping Bra also employs massaging properties and ion release to stimulate collagen production. This process tightens and lifts sagging or misshapen breasts, eliminating loose skin, sagging skin, and excess fat.


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