TruLax™ Constipation Patch


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TruLax™ Constipation Patch
TruLax™ Constipation Patch

TruLax™ Constipation Patch offers a fast and effective solution for those suffering from constipation. Our unique blend of Chinese herbs, including Ai Cao, Rhubarb, Slaked Lime, Dong Quai, and Gan Jiang Huo, are carefully selected to stimulate the meridian point “Tian Shu” and promote healthy bowel function. Unlike harsh laxatives that can cause discomfort and cramping, ConstiPatch™ is a natural and gentle solution that provides relief within just 30 minutes of use.  

TruLax™ Constipation Patch not only targets constipation but also treats inflammation and indigestion, thanks to its potent blend of natural components. The patch generates gentle heat (38℃-40℃) to enhance the speed of delivery to the digestive system and promote peristalsis, while also regulating your body’s digestive functions. By targeting the “Tian Shu” point, ConstiPatch™ promotes healthy bowel function in the long run and improves overall digestive health.

NOT ONLY for temporary solutions – trust ConstiPatch™ to promote digestive healthalleviate discomfort, and regulate your body today Long-Term !


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