AAFQ™ Cordyceps Sinensis Qingfei Tincture


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AAFQ™ Cordyceps sinensis Extract - Lung Clearing Drops - Clean & Breathe
AAFQ™ Cordyceps Sinensis Qingfei Tincture

AAFQ™ Cordyceps Sinensis Qingfei Tincture is specially formulated for sublingual administration in the treatment of a variety of respiratory conditions, including asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, lung problems from smoking, respiratory discomfort from colds and flu, allergic reactions, chronic Obstructive lung disease, pneumonia, cough, emphysema, mucus problem lungs, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic sinus lung disease, etc. 

Through drip treatment, within 8 weeks, you will experience unobstructed airway, enhanced respiratory function, and smooth breathing. Containing natural ingredients such as Cordyceps sinensis, carefully formulated to ensure optimal therapeutic results. Let AAFQ™ Cordyceps Sinensis Qingfei Tincture help you have a healthier and easier breathing system!

If you’re tired of medications with mild effects and severe side effects, you should try Cordyceps Sinensis Extract – Lung Clearing Drops – Clean & Breathe – Powerful Lung Support – Clears Lungs & Repairs – Made in the USA – Herbal Supplement!

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract – Lung Clearing Drops – Clean & Breathe is absorbed sublingually, the ingredients act on the lungs and respiratory system through the blood, stimulate and thin the mucus in the trachea and lungs, help expel sputum and lung residues within 2 hours, and clear the airway. Combined with Cordyceps sinensis extract, it helps the regeneration of lung trachea and alveolar tissue, giving you healthy and smooth lungs!


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