AAFQ™ Plant Vitality Fast-Growing Solid Enhancer


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AAFQ™ Plant Vitality Fast-Growing Solid Enhancer
AAFQ™ Plant Vitality Fast-Growing Solid Enhancer

World Agricultural Network Chinese website reported: Nufarm recently announced the launch of AAFQ™ Plant Vitality Fast-Growing Solid Enhancer, it has been approved and registered and can be widely used on different types of plants, including ornamental lawns, golf course lawns, trees, flower pots, etc.

  • Do you long for a green space that is evergreen all year round, grows quickly, withstands all climatic challenges and requires no mowing? Do you yearn for a back garden that grows quickly and blooms with all kinds of beautiful flowers? Do you want to have more vigorous and stronger trees that can withstand wind and rain?
  • This is no longer a dream, we provide you with new technology to cultivate AAFQ™ plant vitality fast-growing solid enhancer to ensure that your lawn, trees and flowers can bloom with vitality all year round. No longer subject to severe cold and heat, no need for frequent pruning, no need to spend time and energy, you can easily enjoy the beauty of plants. Make your home the envy of your neighbors and enjoy evergreens starting today!

  • What makes this product unique is its scientific formula, which not only provides a convenient way to maintain your plant, but also takes into account the safety of humans, pets and soil. This formula has been verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring its safety, lack of toxicity, and absence of side effects. It also has no harmful impact on the soil.
  • The carefully selected ingredients of AAFQ™ Plant Vitality Fast-Growing Solid Enhancer do not pose any risk to human health. Its growing process involves no harmful chemicals or pesticides, making it completely safe. Likewise, after rigorous testing, it has been fully verified to be safe for pets and will not cause eye or skin problems in pets. And, this environmentally sustainable technology helps improve soil texture and structure, supporting future lawns and other plants.

If you desire a green plant year-round, look no further than AAFQ™ Plant Vitality Fast-Growing Solid Enhancer. Not only is it beautiful and convenient, it also fully considers the health and sustainability of you and your living environment.

AAFQ™ plant vitality rapid growth solid enhancer is a patented product mainly used for lawn management, but can also be used for other trees and other types of plants. The active ingredient of AAFQ™ is prohexadione calcium salt, a new active ingredient with a novel mechanism of action. AAFQ™ can be applied to the landscape transformation of all plant areas that need to be managed, including golf courses, home lawns that are in direct contact with the human body, flowers and potted plants, etc., to extend the greening period of plants, repair disease spots, and improve the landscape view. It has many effects and the cost is lower than treatments such as strengthening maintenance and increasing nutrition.


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