Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring


You may have lost your loved ones, but they are always with you in difficult times. Like angels, they spread their wings around you and protect you from stress, depression and negativity that can gnaw at you.

Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring

Honor the memory of your loved ones with this attractive and stylish Angel Wings Ring. Just one glance will inspire you to continue on the path to success with optimism, faith and conviction. There are many people who will look after you. You may not be able to physically see them, but they are always helpful when you’re down and dusty. Dream big and glide towards your destination using angel’s wings.

Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring

What you will get:

  • Corrosion resistant and shiny material: This ring with wings is made of Zinc alloy and Zircon. Zinc alloy provides corrosion resistance, while zircon crystals impart a brilliant shine that attracts others. Zircon has a high refractive index and dispersion that makes it a good alternative to diamond.
  • Symbolic piece of jewelry: The angel wing ring is a symbol of love, protection and honor. Wear it at home every day on your way to work or if you’re a mom/dad at home. Thanks to its adjustable design, it is suitable for every finger.


  • Avoid contact with water, sweat and chemicals.
  • Avoid sleeping while wearing it.

Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring


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Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring
Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring