AEXZR™ 2-in-1 Emergency Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter


We all know the importance of being prepared in case of emergency. Having AEXZR™ 2-in-1 Emergency Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter attached to your keychain or strategically placed in various spots inside your car could make a difference in case of an accident and save you and your passengers’ life.

The AEXZR™ Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter is thoughtfully equipped with an integrated seatbelt cutter, designed to provide a swift and effective solution for freeing individuals trapped by jammed seatbelts in case of an emergency. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of safety to your driving experience, ensuring that you and your passengers can confidently respond to unexpected incidents on the road. Whether it’s a collision, a water submersion, or any other emergency scenario, the built-in seatbelt cutter in the AEXZR™ stands ready to facilitate quick and secure escapes, promoting peace of mind and enhancing overall safety.

The AEXZR™ 2-in-1 Emergency Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter also features an exceptionally robust window breaker, forged from high-quality tungsten metal. This rugged window-breaking component is specifically designed to ensure durability and reliability, even in the most demanding situations. Whether you find yourself in a vehicular emergency or need to assist others in a critical moment, the tungsten metal window breaker part of the AEXZR™ tool is your dependable companion.

Crafted to endure the challenges of emergency situations, the tungsten striker part is engineered for resilience. It can effortlessly shatter your car windows, even when submerged in water. This feature provides reassurance and instills confidence in its reliability during critical moments. With the AEXZR™ 2-in-1 Emergency Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter stowed in your vehicle, you’re armed with a robust and efficient tool, ready to tackle emergencies and safeguard your well-being and that of others in your vicinity.


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AEXZR™ 2-in-1 Emergency Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter
AEXZR™ 2-in-1 Emergency Car Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter
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