AllyBee™ Bee Venom Ion Shaping Shorts


Bee venom breaks down blocked fatty tissue in the lymphatic system Active compounds found in bee venom, specifically melittin, can promote lipolysis, the process of breaking down fat tissue, and prevent the formation of new fat cells. This dual action reduces the bumpiness of intralymph fat cells. By delivering targeted intervention at the cellular level, AllyBee™ Bee Venom Ion Shaping Shorts are a compelling solution to the problem of lymphatic system-clogging fat accumulation. 

Our AllyBee™ Bee Venom Ion Shaping Shorts can help you achieve your weight loss plan. Even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet, 80% of far infrared therapy can help you achieve the weight you want. These shorts help increase metabolism, detoxify the body, eliminate accumulated orange peel tissue and edema. It can also help you quickly shape your body, tighten your waist and stomach, and make your hips fuller.

The AllyBee™ Bee Venom Ion Shaping Shorts massage and release ions that promote collagen formation, eliminating sagging skin and excess fat from the buttocks and tightening and lifting saggy, deformed buttocks!


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AllyBee™ Bee Venom Ion Shaping Shorts
AllyBee™ Bee Venom Ion Shaping Shorts
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