Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument


You only need to use Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument for 5-10 minutes a day for 360° care of the oral cavity. This can kill 99.98% of bacteria and viruses, straighten teeth, remove plaque and tartar, cure gingivitis and periodontitis, relieve toothache, prevent and remove tooth decay, repair tooth enamel, stimulate the formation of restorative dentin, stimulate the regeneration of lost teeth, and eliminate bad breath.

Some submitted photos taken during their journey of using Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument. Congrats on their successes!

“Man, when the girl I’m crushing on tells me, “Other people look great when they smile, but I look like a doofus,” it’s a total gut-punch to my self-esteem. I’ve always had a complex about my appearance, especially my underbite and janky teeth. I don’t even wanna open my trap to grin ’cause I’m so self-conscious.

But I wanna make a change, ya know? Unfortunately, I don’t have the big bucks for pricey dental surgery, and the risks involved are enough to make my head spin. But then, when I felt like there was no hope, I stumbled upon this thing called Angelsmile™. I followed the directions and made it a daily routine to use it for just ten minutes a day. Now, I heard that straightening teeth can be painful as hell, but I didn’t feel a thing with Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument. After just three weeks of using it, I could tell that my teeth were already looking neater and more aligned – like a total miracle! And after just five weeks, I was staring in the mirror, in awe of the new person staring back at me.

And get this: just the other day, the girl I was swooning over told me she wanted to date me! I was over the moon, man. Thanks to Angelsmile™, I’m feeling confident and ready to show off my smile like never before!” — Duncan Doenitz

“So my friend was raving about this Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument and I was like, “Nah, that can’t be true.” But just to prove her wrong, I decided to get one for myself. I started using it every day just like she told me to, and after only one week, I could already see a huge difference. At first, I thought it was just my imagination, but deep down, I was secretly hoping it was really working.

Fast forward to three weeks later, and I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I took a photo of my teeth and even recorded myself from the side. My bite was fixed, my jawline was back, and I was completely transformed! It was like magic, but it was real! I’m not gonna lie, I felt a little crazy for doubting it in the first place. Now, I’m a total believer and I’m recommending Angelsmile™ to anyone who needs it. If you’re looking for a game-changing tooth therapy instrument, this is it!” — Valerie Spanelis

“My teeth got worse as I got older because I didn’t get any dental care. Some of the teeth have been necrotic and fallen off, and the teeth have turned yellow, and there is severe bad breath. This prevented me from eating and talking well until my friend recommended  Angelsmile™ to me. It’s the perfect thing. I use it every morning and night and I see visible results every time I use it. After 2 weeks of using it, the bad breath is gone and my teeth are white again. After 4 weeks, the broken teeth had fallen out; after 8 weeks, the lost teeth had grown back. awesome! I don’t need to go to expensive dentistry, I don’t need fillings, and I don’t need dentures, which saves me a lot of money, and I don’t have any surgical pain. I like it.” – Michael Smith

Science & Research | Alumniportal Deutschland

There have been several scientific studies that support the effectiveness of the Angelsmile™ HEV Tooth Therapy Instrument in achieving oral care, repairing and cleaning teeth, straightening teeth, and achieving tooth regrowth.

  1. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology found that the use of high-frequency vibration therapy, similar to that used by the Angelsmile™ HEV Tooth Therapy Instrument, was effective in reducing plaque and gingivitis compared to traditional brushing alone. The study concluded that high-frequency vibration therapy may be a useful adjunct to regular oral hygiene practices for achieving optimal oral health.
  2. Another study published in the International Journal of Dentistry found that the use of sonic vibrations, similar to those produced by the Angelsmile™ HEV Tooth Therapy Instrument, was effective in removing surface stains from teeth. The study concluded that sonic vibrations may be a useful tool for improving the appearance of teeth.
  3. In a study published in the Journal of Dental Research, researchers found that the use of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound, similar to that used by the Angelsmile™ HEV Tooth Therapy Instrument, was effective in promoting bone regeneration and dental implant osseointegration. The study concluded that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound may be a useful tool for improving dental implant success rates.
  4. A study published in the Journal of Endodontics found that the use of low-intensity ultrasound, similar to that used by the Angelsmile™ HEV Tooth Therapy Instrument, was effective in stimulating the regeneration of dentin in teeth. The study concluded that low-intensity ultrasound may be a promising therapy for treating dental pulp and dentin defects.

Key facts

  • Oral diseases, while largely preventable, pose a major health burden for many countries and affect people throughout their lifetime, causing pain, discomfort, disfigurement and even death.
  • It is estimated that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people.
  • Untreated dental caries (tooth decay) in permanent teeth is the most common health condition according to the Global Burden of Disease 2019.
  • Treatment for oral health conditions is expensive and usually not part of universal health coverage (UHC).
  • Most low- and middle-income countries do not have sufficient services available to prevent and treat oral health conditions.
  • Oral diseases are caused by a range of modifiable risk factors common to many noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including sugar consumption, tobacco use, alcohol use and poor hygiene, and their underlying social and commercial determinants.

Every day food residues in our mouth could make various kinds of bacteria and microorganisms in the oral cavity multiply in the gaps between the teeth and the inside of the oral cavity. This can lead to a series of oral health issues including bad breath, mouth ulcers, yellow teeth, caries, calculus, inflamed gums, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, brittle or partially missing teeth, swollen gums, toothaches, loose teeth, tooth loss, and even oral cancer.

When such condition continue to worsen, you will have bad breath, gum inflammation and other problems. At that time, bacteria are eroding your gums, making your gums prone to bleeding, pain, redness and other problems. When these problems can not get resolved in time, your oral problems will become more serious, and you will suffer from periodontitis, dental plaque, dental calculus, loose teeth, tooth pain and other problems, and even lead to tooth loss.

The formation of dental caries is due to the damage of tooth enamel by germs which could gradually spreads to the dentin and even pulp. This can lead to bad breath, tooth pain, brittle teeth, and tooth loss. When caries occurs, there will be a chain reaction in which normal teeth begin to be eroded as germs spread to surrounding teeth.

How Does Angelsmile™ Work? 

Angelsmile™ High-Energy Visible (HEV) Tooth Therapy Instrument is the latest product certified by the American Dental Association and recommended by dentists. It can perfectly solve all oral problems, including dental calculus, bad breath, oral ulcers, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, loose teeth, periodontitis, swollen gums, tooth damage, tooth loss, etc. No side effects. including children, young people, and the elderly.

What Can Angelsmile™ Do For You?

Straightening Teeth:

Angelsmile™ can help to straighten teeth by using its high-frequency vibrations and sonic waves to stimulate the growth of new bone and tissue around the teeth. This can help to push teeth into the correct position, resulting in a straighter, more attractive smile. Additionally, the instrument can help to relieve tension and pressure on the teeth, which can reduce discomfort and pain associated with misaligned teeth.

1. Whitens teeth

Angelsmile™ can help you remove dental plaque, calculus, germs, etc., and make your teeth completely white within 1 week, no matter your teeth are yellow or black .

2.Eliminates bad breath

Angelsmile™ can help you remove the germs that cause bad breath, dental calculus, tonsil stones, tooth decay, etc., completely help you eradicate bad breath, and the added menthol can make your breath more fresh.

3. Relieves and prevents mouth sores

Mouth ulcers are usually caused by bacterial erosion, which makes us suffer from pain and prevent us from eating normally. Angelsmile™ can help you kill the bacteria in your mouth and heal mouth ulcers.

4. Prevents cavities

Angelsmile™ can help you kill bacteria that penetrate deep into the alveolar and root canal, stimulate the restorative formation of dentin, and help repair tooth decay. For severely necrotic cavities, it can stimulate the gums to produce new tooth germs and promote the growth of new teeth.

5. Removes calculus

Calculus is calcified dental plaque that inflames the gums, which can lead to bone loss, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, etc. Angelsmile™ can help eliminate dental plaque and remove stubborn calculus attached to teeth, making your teeth white and healthy again.

6. Stimulates the regrowth of lost teeth

Angelsmile™ can well stimulate the gum bone to produce epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells, which will form new tooth germs and grow new teeth. It is a perfect solution for accidental tooth loss, tooth loss due to necrosis, and elderly tooth loss. No need to go to the dentist for expensive dentures.


“Because I don’t like to brush my teeth very much, the bacteria eat away at my teeth, which makes my teeth slowly deteriorate. The teeth turned yellow, with a thick layer of calculus on them, and the teeth were partially damaged, even atrophied, and there were bad breath and oral ulcers. I started to feel inferior and I regret it so much. I went to the dentist and I was told the only way to save it was a dental restoration. But the high fees put me off the idea and I need to save enough money. I started looking for other methods and products until I saw Angelsmile™ on FB. I decided to give it a try and I was amazed at the results the first day I used it, my teeth were visibly whiter and my mouth sores were no longer painful. After 2 weeks, my teeth were completely white and the bad breath was gone. After 4 weeks, I felt my teeth growing back. After 8 weeks, I have a perfect set of teeth. Thank you.” – Sylvia Williams

“I decided to quit smoking, years of smoking had ruined my teeth. The notoriously high cost of dentistry deters me from going to the dentist for treatment as long as it doesn’t get worse. It’s a pity that its situation is still getting worse, and I have to do something to improve it. I found Angelsmile™ and it helped me. I bought 2 pcs at the beginning of March and within 2 weeks of using it my yellow teeth were gone and after 4 weeks the caries were gone too. After 2 months, I have a new set of beautiful teeth again. I am determined to take good care of my new teeth and I will use Teethaid™ every day to clean and protect my teeth.” – Rose Contreras

Our results are evident.

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Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument
Angelsmile™ 2023 High-Energy Visible(HEV) Teeth Therapy Instrument
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