Anti-Onychomycosis Socks


Our Anti-Onychomycosis Socks are also designed with your comfort in mind. With a seamless design, you can enjoy all-day comfort without worrying about irritating seams rubbing against your skin. With the design of one-size-fits-all in mind, these socks will protect your feet no matter the shapes and sizes!

  • Tourmaline – works by releasing negative ions into the air when rubbed or heated, which can help improve blood flow to the area around your nail. This causes the swelling and redness to subside and helps promote healing. In addition to improving blood circulation, tourmaline also reduces inflammation in your body and helps relieve pain. Studies have shown that tourmaline can improve the effects of other medications used to treat foot fungus by decreasing pain, swelling, and inflammation while increasing blood flow.

  • Magnetic Therapy – uses magnets to manipulate the flow of electrons within our bodies—which in turn helps us to boost immune system and heal faster and more effectively than normal. When we use magnets on our bodies, they cause our cells to vibrate at a higher frequency than before—which means that our body can heal itself much more efficiently than before. Magnetic fields are known to be beneficial for many conditions and ailments, using tiny magnets to help improve circulation in the area around your nail beds, which helps your body fight off infections like nail fungus.


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Anti-Onychomycosis Socks
Anti-Onychomycosis Socks
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