Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution


Eradicate onychomadesis and revitalize your nails with Biancat™ FungiMax, a powerful treatment available in a care fluid form. Designed to combat onychomadesis and paronychia, Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution provides maximum strength for brittle nails, ensuring they regain not only their health but also their strength. Say goodbye to nail problems and welcome healthy, strong nails with this proven cure.

Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution operates by harnessing a mix of natural oils and ingredients designed to bolster nail strength, improve shine, and fight fungal infections. For optimal results in repairing and rejuvenating nails damaged by conditions such as onychomadesis, apply the treatment care fluid on softened nails—post-soaking and filing—to enable thorough absorption and drying.

Unlock the dual benefits of swift nail growth and reinforced strength with Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution. This expertly crafted serum is designed to tackle onycholysis, promoting rapid and robust nail growth while significantly boosting nail strength. It not only strengthens your nails but also accelerates their growth, ensuring a healthier, more resilient finish. Elevate your nail care routine with a serum that delivers noticeable results.

Experience revitalized and stronger nails with Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution. Our advanced formula hydrates, stimulates growth, and fortifies nails. Infused with a powerful blend of nail-nourishing ingredients and vitamins like Biotin and Beta-Glucan, it increases your nails’ resistance to breakage and promotes thicker, stronger, and longer growth, all while protecting them from potential damage.


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Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution
Biancat™ FungiMax Nail Herbal Antifungal Solution
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