BIKENDA™ Electromagnetic Good Luck Device


According to the probability of winning the slot machine, the thousand-fold jackpot requires playing Tens of thousands of times. Why not try the new BIKENDA™, you are 100% sure to win, You don’t have to try tens of thousands of times, you can enjoy the generous rewards immediately. Buy to win, feel the joy of victory and become a real winner!

BIKENDA™ Electromagnetic good luck device uses an internal electromagnetic wave transmitter to generate electromagnetic waves of specific frequencies as its core technology.

After pressing the BIKENDA™ Electromagnetic good luck deviceBIKENDA™ will send electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency to interfere with the slot machine’s receiver. The beating of a specific frequency of electromagnetic waves causes a short circuit in the upper welding point on the slot machine motherboard, which then covers the frequency band where the slot machine code is located. Once it is detected that a non-winning code is about to appear on the slot machine, the electromagnetic wave immediately interferes with the receiver and decodes it, changing it into a winning code.

BIKENDA™ Electromagnetic lucky device has been tested and shown that BIKENDA™ is not only effective on slot machines, but also on coin pushersBIKENDA™ focuses on these two types of equipment, providing you with double stimulation and double fun, leading you into a new gaming realm.


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BIKENDA™ Electromagnetic Good Luck Device
BIKENDA™ Electromagnetic Good Luck Device
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