Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolator


When faced with a noisy environment, noise is like a “health killer” that cannot be ignored, constantly intruding on our comfort and health. But after long-term efforts, continuous research and development and excellence by our team, we finally bring you this amazing device——Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolator .It solves the problem of noise for you.

This is thanks to the noise reduction technology of the US military. The cabin emits reverse sound waves to cancel noise and protect the pilota technology used in our Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolators.

 The Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolator has a complex system integration that captures environmental sounds, processes and analyzes the captured sounds in real time, and executes noise reduction algorithms to generate reverse sound waves. Responsible for monitoring and analyzing sound signals and adjusting reverse sound waves as needed.

Our Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolator has a large coverage area and can quickly analyze the noise within 20m², and then emit reverse sound waves to effectively reduce the noise. In addition, multiple Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolators are automatically connected in parallel. When there is noise, they will emit reverse sound waves at the same timemaking the noise reduction effect greater.Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolators emit special sound waves in a noise-free environment that may help relieve tinnitus symptoms.


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Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolator
Bikenda™ Sonic Noise Reduction Sound Isolator
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