Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray


Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray is a probiotic spray that can instantaneously and continually adjust the pH of the tongue, destroying the conditions that allow bacteria to flourish. Portable germ kill CPC antibacterial spray helps to fight odor causing bacteria. Instantly freshens breath and leaves a taste of clean mint.

Your mouth is a unique ecosystem with a changing pH throughout the day based on what you eat and drink. Your mouth’s pH will decrease if you eat or drink anything acidic, and vice versa. The Canada Polumna Fissured Tongue Relief Spray will assist in keeping the pH of the tongue and mouth at a neutral level. A tongue with fissures, a buildup of bacteria, and poor breath are all symptoms of an unbalanced pH balance.

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray contains oral probiotics, which are bacteria strains that support good oral health. Bacteria exist naturally in the mouth, and oral probiotics aid in the growth of healthy bacteria. This aids in the prevention of some dental problems caused by excessive amounts of dangerous bacteria in the mouth, such as fissured tongue or tooth rot.

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray is a spray that rapidly refreshes your breath. Freshens your breath instantly, leaving you with a clean mint flavor. Get the fresh breath without that alcohol burning sensation and sugary aftertaste.


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Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray
Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray
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