Ceoerty™ MedDent Teeth Whitening Repair Gel


Brighten your smile with Ceoerty™ MedDent Teeth Whitening Repair Gel! Our unique, fast-acting whitening formula provides safe and effective whitening results. Give your teeth a long-lasting radiance! Ceoerty™ MedDent – Brighten your smile with ease!

Ceoerty™ MedDent Teeth Whitening Repair Gel uses a unique active principle to effectively dissolve stains adhering to enamel and dentin surfaces. Gently applied to the teeth with an applicator, the gel penetrates the tiny pores of the enamel and releases oxygen molecules. These oxygen molecules penetrate the enamel and dentin and rapidly break the chemical bonds between the stain molecules. This process dissolves the stains and lightens their concentration, resulting in whiter, brighter teeth. Be sure to follow the enclosed instructions when using this product to achieve safe and effective whitening results while avoiding the risk of tooth sensitivity or damage.

Special features of Ceoerty™ MedDent Teeth Whitening Repair Gel:

  • Protection of firm gums and stabilization of the oral cavity.
  • Gentle dental care to relieve sensitivity complaints.
  • Promote gum health and improve oral hygiene condition.
  • Precise application for effectiveness and convenience.
  • Long-lasting whitening for a bright smile.
  • Use of professional ingredients for safety and confidence.
  • Clinically tested and confirmed safe and effective.
  • Fast whitening for increased confidence and radiance.
  • Convenient for on-the-go oral health care at any time.
  • Relieve oral discomfort for all-day comfort.


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Ceoerty™ MedDent Teeth Whitening Repair Gel
Ceoerty™ MedDent Teeth Whitening Repair Gel
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