Cozy Cloudy Tights


Cozy Cloudy Tights

The Perfect Tights Don’t Exist? Wait a Minute!

There is no need for bravery to wear tights in winter. Our premium Cloudy Tights not only look like your regular sheer tights, they are also lined with warm Alpine Fleece. This makes them extremely warm in icy temperatures and comfortable for your skin!
Cozy Cloudy Tights

Your Advantages

✔️ Keep you cozy and warm
✔️ Resistant to running stitches, tears, holes
✔️ Ideal to wear in autumn, winter & spring
✔️ Opaque material
✔️ Easily washable at 86°F
Cozy Cloudy Tights

Stop Freezing!

You don’t have to suffer anymore! The elegant look goes perfectly with dresses, skirts and also boots or high heels. The high-quality Alpine Fleece inside keeps you comfy and warm for icy temperatures of up to 5°F!
Cozy Cloudy Tights

For a Slimmer Look

You don’t want to wear baggy clothes to stay warm? Our premium Cloudy Tights keep your legs in shape and accentuate your curves by flattening your tummy. The special push stitching on the buttocks makes your bottom look even more athletic and rounded. Definitely a must-have!
Cozy Cloudy Tights

Soooo comfy…

You can still move flexible without any restrictions. The seams are specially designed, so that they will not bother you while walking or even running. Now you don’t have to choose between cozy and functional!
Cozy Cloudy Tights


Thanks to the ultra-stretchy material, ideal for all women of all sizes!

Cozy Cloudy Tights
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