DetoxLab™ Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Pads


DetoxLab™ Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Pads, Detoxification Process

  1. The primary component in our foot patch is acetic acid, which aids in the absorption of plant ingredients and allows the body to function normally.
  2. When using the DetoxLab™ Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Pads at night, the body is in a state of rapid metabolism, and toxins drain through sweat toward the body part where the detoxing patch was applied.

  1. The feet are inextricably linked to the organs, neck, shoulder, waist, and back. It is the most effective part of the body for detoxification. Simply remove the toxins from the foot patch the next morning. Your body is one step closer to being completely cleansed.
  2. They will become cleaner after regular use for a certain period of time. That should indicate that the majority of the toxins in your body have been eliminated.


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DetoxLab™ Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Pads
DetoxLab™ Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Pads
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