Dobshow™ RoachBait Gel


Dobshow™ RoachBait Gel contains an attractive, contagious, and poisonous bait in the form of a gel that infects any cockroach that comes in contact with it and slows down the time it takes to die to ensure that one infected cockroach will be able to spread it to others that get in contact with it thereby killing all cockroach colonies and nests.

Insecticides only work when they come in direct contact with roaches, giving them the opportunity to hide in small crevices and escape the spray. But with Dobshow™ RoachBait Gel, the cockroaches are attracted to the food ingredients in the gel bait, ensuring they consume it and carry the poison back to their colonies to eliminate them. This effective method provides long-term control over cockroaches in your home while also being more cost-effective and less toxic than traditional methods.

This Dobshow™ RoachBait Gel ingredients that are highly attractive to cockroaches, drawing them away from other food sources in your home. The cockroaches will not die immediately after consuming the bait, but instead, it will remain in their body and be carried to their nest where it will be shared and ultimately eliminate many of them due to its slow-acting poison.


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Dobshow™ RoachBait Gel
Dobshow™ RoachBait Gel
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