DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream


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DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream
DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream

DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream offers effective skincare. With ginseng as its primary ingredient and a unique formula derived from traditional herbs, it aims to swiftly and  without a trace eliminate spots, moles, and skin tags, restoring your skin’s even radiance. Within just one week of use, you’ll notice spots and moles begin gradually fading, and your skin visibly purifying. DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream will assist in eliminating skin imperfections, restoring your confidence in beautiful skin.

DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream is an innovative product developed in cooperation with the American Academy of Dermatology. It makes full use of the natural properties and pharmacological effects of Chinese herbal medicine, and contains active ingredients that can promote skin regeneration and trigger a series of biochemical reactions. These ingredients dry out and gradually shrink the moles/tags, eventually causing them to fall off and disappear naturally.

Therefore, in response to this situation, our team of dermatologists and formulation scientists has developed a new product that is free from side effects, aiming to meet the diverse needs of skin tags removal.This effort led to the discovery of the organic formula behind DOCTIA™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream, which effectively dries, contracts, and heals skin tags and skin blemishes.

DOCTIA™Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream achieves the penetration of active ingredients into the subcutaneous cells by applying the ointment on the spot/mole. The active ingredients in these herbal extracts help gradually lighten melanin and melanocytes, reducing them or causing moles to dry up, and eventually naturally shedding and disappearing. This process contributes to skin’s restoration of cleanliness and health.


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