Dr.Nose™ Nasal Allergy Relief Spray

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There are thousands of anti-allergy nose sprays but what makes the Dr.Nose™ Nasal Allergy Relief Spray stand out from the rest?

The Dr.Nose™ Nasal Allergy Relief Spray is a fast-acting spray that provides instant relief in just a single spray! Unlike other sprays that irritate the nose, the Dr.Nose™ Nasal Allergy Relief Spray dries out excess mucus all while keeping some to keep your nose protected against infections. It provides instant and all-day relief, making your day sneeze and wheeze-free!

Menthol. The Dr.Nose™ Nasal Sprays is made from menthol. Menthol is the ingredient in mint plants such as peppermints, spearmints, etc. Though menthol is mostly used in toothpastes to give your teeth a cooling and fresh sensation. It is an antibacterial ingredient that treats acute respiratory tract infections and allergy. It helps dry out excess mucus all while leaving the inner linings of the nose ample moisture to protect itself from microbial infections. Its cooling sensation provides relief and eases inflammation.


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Dr.Nose™ Nasal Allergy Relief Spray
Dr.Nose™ Nasal Allergy Relief Spray