Dr.Rotus Far Infrared Therapy Patch

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This Dr.Rotus Far Infrared Therapy Patch can be used for the relief of gout, arthritis, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain and other related symptoms. Far infrared therapy patches emit far infrared rays with wavelengths ranging from 3 to 1000 micrometers.Far infrared therapy patches emit special rays that interact with water molecules in the body, increasing temperature in deeper tissues. This process activates water molecules, which boosts the production of enzymes and activates proteins. As a result, the immune system is enhanced, tissues regenerate better, and nutrients are delivered more efficiently, leading to overall physical well-being.

When the far-infrared ceramic powder mixes with the binder the far-infrared ceramic powder will absorbs body’s heat and emits infrared energy which can promote the improvement of whole-body’s blood circulation,enhance metabolism,improve immunity and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Dr.Rotus Far Infrared Therapy Patches address the concern regarding knee pain, as well as providing relief for lower back pain and stiff neck. Unlike other solutions with limited success, side effects, or habit-forming substances, Dr.Rotus offers a safe and effective approach.Our patches deliver natural ingredients directly through the skin, providing a non-invasive and user-friendly method to enhance knee, lower back, and neck health.


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Dr.Rotus Far Infrared Therapy Patch
Dr.Rotus Far Infrared Therapy Patch

1000 in stock