DuraUp™ Multipurpose Nano Protection Spray


Get ready to revolutionize the way you protect your surfaces with DuraUp™ Multipurpose Nano Protection Spray. Say goodbye to ordinary coatings and hello to a new era of defense against life’s daily challenges! 

Within DuraUp™ resides a meticulously crafted polymer matrix, meticulously designed to encapsulate and reinforce the substrate. As the liquid formula makes contact with the air, polymerization ensues, weaving together a robust lattice of interconnected polymer chains. This matrix acts as a scaffold, imparting unparalleled strength and durability to the protective shield.

Central to this metamorphosis is the process of polymerization. Within moments of contact with the air, the reactive components within DuraUp™ initiate a polymerization chain reaction. As polymer chains rapidly form and interlock, they weave together to create a robust and resilient barrier. This hardened barrier emerges from the fluid matrix, solidifying into a transparent shield that stands guard against a myriad of threats.

The transformation doesn’t stop there. To ensure maximum strength and durability, DuraUp™ employs the power of chemical cross-linking. As the polymer chains continue to intertwine, cross-linking agents facilitate the formation of covalent bonds between adjacent chains. This chemical cross-linking process reinforces the structure of the protection shield, effectively cementing its defenses against scratches, stains, and other hazards.

Experience the ultimate in versatility with DuraUp™ Multipurpose Nano Protection Spray. Designed to safeguard a myriad of surfaces and objects, our revolutionary formula offers unparalleled protection wherever you need it most.


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DuraUp™ Multipurpose Nano Protection Spray
DuraUp™ Multipurpose Nano Protection Spray
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