Edamon™ Steaming Fur Away Cleaning Pet Brush


The Edamon™ Steaming Fur Away Cleaning Pet Brush is a versatile grooming tool that excels at both removing pet hair and providing a soothing massage experience.

Our Edamon™ Steaming Fur Away Cleaning Pet Brush utilizes nano fine mist spray technology and features an integrated heating element that heats water into steam without the need for an external hot water source. This nano fine mist spray technology releases tiny water particles, similar to minuscule water droplets, gently onto your pet’s skin and fur. This process helps remove dirt, impurities, and loose fur, resembling a steam therapy, providing a gentle and comfortable care experience for your pet. The convenience of this innovative technology is further enhanced by the product’s rechargeable design, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

The key to the Edamon™ Steaming Fur Away Cleaning Pet Brush is temperature control and technical design. Nano-fine mist technology ensures that the sprayed water vapor is evenly distributed on the pet’s skin and fur in the form of tiny water particles without overheating like traditional steam. In addition, the integrated heating element precisely controls the temperature of the steam to keep it within a safe range for your pet’s skin.

Edamon™ Steaming Fur Away Cleaning Pet Brush

The Steamy Pet Brush enhances your pet’s well-being by promoting blood circulation, maintaining healthy skin and hair, and minimizing the ingestion of loose hairs that lead to hairball vomiting.


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Edamon™ Steaming Fur Away Cleaning Pet Brush
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