EdiJonah® 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash


Use EdiJonah® 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash, Eyebrow and Hair Volume Growth Serum to restore your beauty and say goodbye to problems such as baldness, thin hair, high hairline, wide hair gaps, short eyelashes and sparse eyebrows. This revolutionary Growth Serum is specially formulated to combat problems with thinning hair, eyelashes, brows and more. Experience the power of science and nature and say goodbye to wigs, false eyelashes and mascara! Make your  eyebrows, eyelashes and hair look healthier, more natural and beautiful, and witness the change together!

EdiJonah® 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash is packed with the perfect blend of active ingredients made from pure natural plant extracts to promote immediate volume and lengthening of lashes.Its beneficial contents penetrate deep into skin which helps to infuse each eyelash their much needed nourishment to grow and work. It is an impressive eyelash growth promoting product that promotes a healthy growth cycle and extends the growth period to prevent eyelash loss and thinning. Moreover, the serum encourages resting eyelash even strengthens damaged ones to reduce breakage and future fallouts. It also stimulates a proper blood circulation to allow more nutrients to reach each follicle and quicken growth production.

EdiJonah® 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash activates hair follicles, promotes blood circulation and delivers vital nutrients directly to the eyelash and hair roots. A powerful combination of natural ingredients, including tocopherol and castor seed oil, strengthens the eyelash and hair shaft, replenishes protein and counteracts hormones associated with hair loss. This multi-benefit formula not only nourishes hair follicles but also minimizes breakage, creating a favorable environment for vigorous eyelash and hair growth.


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EdiJonah® 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash
EdiJonah® 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash
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