ELAIMEI™ Mighty Face Invisible Acne Patch


The ELAIMEI™ Mighty Face Invisible Acne Patch is made of pure, medical-grade hydrocolloid that naturally absorbs oil and fluids from your pimples. While hydrocolloid absorbs gunk, the acne-fighting β -hydroxy acid BHA formula works at a deeper level and penetrates the skin to heal stubborn, below-the-surface breakouts.

The exfoliating salicylic acid, a type of BHA (beta hydroxy acid), goes deep into the pores and treats pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads by unclogging blocked pores and removing blemish-causing dirt buildup and dead skin cells. This multi-tasking active ingredient also helps soothe angry zits, block bacteria, and clear and refine pores, making them appear smaller.

The SKIN EVER™ Mighty Face Invisible Acne Patch is custom-contoured to adhere to your facial skin and kickstart the acne-healing process in the targeted area. You can easily wear the hydrocolloid stickers and treat early-stage and stubborn pimples for hours undetected.


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ELAIMEI™ Mighty Face Invisible Acne Patch
ELAIMEI™ Mighty Face Invisible Acne Patch
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