EMS Hairology Strength Cure Laser Comb

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EMS Hairology Strength Cure Laser Comb works by delivering laser light to the scalp, energizing and activating hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and renew cells within the hair follicle for thicker, healthier hair. This targeted laser treatment delivers nourishing laser light energy directly to your hair follicles to reverse the thinning process and regrow your hair.

EMS Hairology Strength Cure Laser Comb is clinically proven to regenerate thinning hair and prevent further hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia. It works through a photobiostimulation process that uses safe, nourishing light energy to activate hair follicles and promote hair follicle growth. This enhancement of the laser rejuvenates the hair follicle, stimulates growth factors, reverses the thinning process, and helps prolong and restore the hair’s natural hair growth cycle.

Treatment spray & patented hair parting teeth can be effectively delivered during massaging. This is easy & safe treatment to stimulate hair follicles, encourage hair regrowth and provide healthier and fuller looking hair to both men and women. Regrow fuller, denser healthier hair with 3 weekly treatments of 11 minutes, every other day.


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EMS Hairology Strength Cure Laser Comb
EMS Hairology Strength Cure Laser Comb