FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray


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FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray
FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray

Grease accumulates on kitchen surfaces, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes, potentially posing risks to infants, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory issues. Furthermore, it can erode furniture and affect aesthetics. FATONG™ Cleaning & Maintenance Spray offers an effortless solution to kitchen grease and bacterial problems. Whether it’s marble, granite, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, composite materials, glass, or any other material, it safely and swiftly eliminates grease stains and discoloration issues. Say goodbye to grease, bacteria, and hello to a cleaner, healthier kitchen!

After an extensive year of research and fine-tuning, we have successfully developed FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray. This environmentally friendly cleaning product, devoid of any chemical components, boasts remarkable versatility as it can be used on clothing and tableware. What truly sets it apart is its natural plant-based ingredients, including lotus leaf extract and tea tree oil. These constituents excel at breaking down and dissolving grease into non-harmful molecules, resulting in increased oil density after dissolution. This allows for safe disposal into sewage systems without the risk of accumulation, blockage, or environmental consequences. By eliminating fungi and promoting a greener household environment, I wholeheartedly recommend FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray as an indispensable addition to your home cleaning arsenal. It’s not just a cleaner; it’s the eco-conscious and health-conscious choice!

What makes the FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray the first choice?

  • Food Safe- The FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray is safe to use on drinkware, cookware and tableware.
  • Applicable on All Surfaces- Aside from being safe to use for removing grease stains in cooking, the FATONG™ Grease Dissolving Spray effectively removes grease from tiles, walls, and metallic surfaces.
  • Easy to Use- Simply spray and wipe!
  • Odorless and Non-irritating- The Magic Degreaser Cleanser   does not contain any additional scents or irritants that cause allergic reaction or other adverse reactions.
  • Non-Toxic- The spray is non-toxic.
  • Concentrated- No need to spray a lot, a little bit of product would go a long way!


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