Ferzero™ 007 Men’sDopamine Eau De Parfum


Ferzero™ 007 Men’sDopamine Eau De Parfum, formulated through scientific research, has been found by experts in the field of osmology to trigger emotional and sensual responses. Adrenaline, a hormone naturally produced in the body, is associated with feelings of heightened euphoria and self-confidence. Ambergris extract, extracted from sperm whales, is a unique natural fragrance with aromatic components that interact with the human olfactory system.

Ferzero™ 007 Men’sDopamine Eau De Parfum uses custom fragrance blends and ionic bonding technology to release a unique scent that stimulates the production of adrenaline and has the ability to evoke emotional and affectionate responses in women. The fragrance is closely associated with emotions and memories through its aroma and evokes feelings of happiness, excitement and closeness in women.

Ferzero™ 007 Herren Eau De Dopamin Parfum is a unique fragrance that not only serves to attract women in a subtle way, but also to enhance the happiness of men. With the addition of perilla extract and ambergris, it triggers the release of adrenaline, resulting in heightened excitement and emotion. This captivating fragrance goes beyond its aphrodisiac effects, as it can also improve the wearer’s mood and potentially provide an energy boost for enhanced performance in intimate moments. Discover Ferzero™ 007 for a fusion of masculinity, vitality and irresistible charm.

 Ferzero™ 007 Men’sDopamine Eau De Parfum activates the olfactory sensory system, leading to the release of adrenaline and creating a strong sense of pleasure and well-being. This leads to an intoxicating euphoria and a desire for greater intimacy with your partner.

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Ferzero™ 007 Men'sDopamine Eau De Parfum
Ferzero™ 007 Men’sDopamine Eau De Parfum
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