flysmus™ BeautiDry Hair Drying Towel


New Revolution for Natural Hair Drying. Congrats on the phenomenal success! 

Hairdryers have a high temperature that causes serious damage to your hair and scalp including split ends, hair loss, hair breakage, and more! Stop damaging your hair protect hair instead with the help of this flysmus™ BeautiDry Hair Drying Towel!

Experience the ultimate hair drying revolution with flysmus™ BeautiDry Hair Drying Towel. Unlike ordinary towels, it harnesses the power of “BeautiDry Fiber,” a specialized blend of polyester and nylon that dries hair twice as fast as standard bath towels. Renowned Hair Care Specialist Bella Morales highly recommends BeautiDry towels, especially for those with fine or brittle hair.

The lightweight and gentle microfiber material is designed to pamper your locks while providing optimal drying efficiency. Hair Care Specialist Bella Morales emphasizes the importance of using a soft fabric for wet curls, and BeautiDry delivers exceptional curl definition. No more time-consuming drying routines and hello to beautifully dry, healthy-looking hair with BeautiDry Hair Drying Towel.

NANO ION BeautiDry Mircofibers breakthrough technology is a high-quality material that quickly draws out the water from your hair. Super convenient and easy to use while still being safe and effective for your hair and skin.It’s Anti-frizz and AntI-Static that is soft enough, super lightweight, not heavy and bulky to prevent hair from sticky and frizzing especially for curl and curly hair. Also, it comes with 4 different colors, choose the one that fits for your taste!


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flysmus™ BeautiDry Hair Drying Towel
flysmus™ BeautiDry Hair Drying Towel
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