flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume

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Introducing the captivating flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume, a cologne formulated for men. This perfume contains a unique scientifically proven adrenaline blend, blended with balsamic ingredients derived from black orchids and natural perilla extract for a distinctive scent that effectively enhances the connection with women and makes you more attractive. This fragrance allows you to express your confident self and attract the attention of those around you.

Scientifically formulated flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume has been determined by osmologists to stimulate emotional and sensory responses. Adrenaline is an endocrine hormone in the body that is associated with stimulating emotions of euphoria and confidence. Balsam Extract from Black Orchid is a unique natural flavor with aromatic components that interact with the body’s olfactory system.

flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume uses customized fragrance formulations and ionic bonding technology to release a unique aroma that promotes adrenaline synthesis and has the property of triggering emotions and emotional resonance in women. The fragrance is closely linked to emotions and memories through its aroma, triggering feelings of pleasure, excitement and intimacy in women.

flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume allows the user to send subtle signals of attraction to women, triggering a positive response on an olfactory and emotional level. It contains the ingredient Perilla Extract, which promotes the release of adrenaline in the female body, stimulating emotions and excitement. There is also an adrenaline-rich black orchid balsam ingredient. These raw natural ingredients give the fragrance depth and purity, making it even more captivating.


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flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume
flysmus™ Black Orchic Adrenaline Men Perfume