flysmus™ Lymphvity MagneTherapy Pyrrhotite Earrings


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flysmus™ Lymphvity MagneTherapy Pyrrhotite Earrings
flysmus™ Lymphvity MagneTherapy Pyrrhotite Earrings

Ear acupuncture can be stimulated by our ear rings. Once the ear rings are in the 3 ear acupuncture, they apply gentle and constant pressure there. This pressure helps stimulate the points and promote the desired therapeutic effects. Such stimulation can regulate energy flow in the body, promote balance, and address various health conditions. Plus, it can help with weight loss by improving metabolism, optimizing digestion, reducing water retention, and optimizing other body functions related to weight loss.

Acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the body’s organs and systems by influencing the flow of qi, or vital energy, throughout the body. Qi flow is an energy channel that runs throughout the body and is connected to the body’s organs and systems. This stimulation can activate the body’s natural healing processes and improve digestion and the absorption of nutrients, which could lead to improved metabolic function and weight loss. 

Tourmaline is a crystal that is often associated with various metaphysical and energetic properties. It can generate negative ions and convert heat energy into far infrared radiation. Negative ions can improve blood circulation through various mechanisms. As a result, it can enhance the body’s ability to burn fat, able to break down and burn fat for energy.

What Makes This flysmus™ Lymphvity MagneTherapy Pyrrhotite Earrings The Great Choice?

  • ✅ Promotes healthier blood circulation
  • ✅ Helps to remove fats
  • ✅ Helps body detoxification
  • ✅ Helps eliminate toxic metals
  • ✅ Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
  • ✅ Promotes balance, clarity, and manifestation
  • ✅ Reduces stress and anxiety and weight loss
  • ✅ Eliminates swelling in your body
  • ✅ A great natural solution for lymphatic drainage


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