GarageLine™ Bluetooth and GPS Pet Wireless Tracker


The GarageLine™ Bluetooth and GPS Pet Wireless Tracker is a unique pet tracker designed to provide all-round health care for your pet without disturbing your pet’s hearing range at all. This smart tracker combines negative ion physiotherapy and worming features designed to keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe.

  • The GarageLine™ Bluetooth and GPS Pet Wireless Tracker can generate negative ions through ionisation with its own emitters, and can also gather negative ions from the air. The negative ions generated by the collar can regulate the pet’s endocrine system, effective blood detoxification, normalize the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles, accelerate hair growth, and help pets quickly grow out the lost hair.
  • At the same time enhance skin resistance, can make pets less likely to allergies or inflammatory symptoms, to avoid infection and hair loss and growth of unsightly ringworm spots. The negative ions produced have the same inhibiting effect on parasites in the pet’s body, killing parasites such as nematodes, which are eventually discharged in the form of feces.

  • The infrared wave core within the GarageLine™ Bluetooth and GPS Pet Wireless Tracker produces far infrared rays, mainly in the form of “hot filaments” that cause a warming response in the pet’s body, causing the pet’s entire body to heal, thus unclogging pores, increasing cellular vitality, and stimulating follicle cells to grow new hair. In addition, pets are easily injured during running and playing, especially soft tissue injuries, fractures with subcutaneous bleeding, etc.
  • It can improve the microcirculation of the pet’s body by stimulating vasodilation, increasing blood flow, regulating body fluids, ensuring that blood from wounds is absorbed as soon as possible, and playing a role in removing bruises and bruises. Therefore it can treat and prevent arthritis in pets and help heal wounds, scars, adhesions, etc.


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GarageLine™ Bluetooth and GPS Pet Wireless Tracker
GarageLine™ Bluetooth and GPS Pet Wireless Tracker
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